NeuroCranial Restructuring® UK

Pain and dysfunction

health and wellbeing

Feelings of:

wellbeing and wholeness, no pain patterns, being grounded, clear thinking, increased creativity, happiness, emotional freedom and lightness, increased self confidence, awareness, better concentration, fewer anxieties or phobias, better interactions with others, easier relationships.

Relief from:

headaches, TMJ pain, neck and back pain, frozen shoulders, sciatica, plantar faciitis, eye pain, migraines, head pressure, nasal congestion, sinus issues, abnormal spinal curvature, dyslexia, dystonia, depression, emotional issues, orthodontic stress, bruxism, emotional trauma, whiplash and many more ailments.

About ncr®

NCR® is a naturopathic treatment. The naturopathic treatment philosophy is that the body has an innate knowledge and ability to heal itself and a desire to be in homeostatic balance. When the body is in this balanced state, optimal health is enjoyed. When one or more of the body's systems is out of balance then "dis - ease" is experienced. The naturopathic treatment philosophy pledges to treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction not just suppress the symptoms. Treatment modalities often include correction of nutritional deficiencies through dietary changes or whole food supplements, removal of pathogenic microbes such as yeasts, bacteria and fungi, removal of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other man made chemicals that interfere with normal cellular function and correction of structural dysfunctions that impair correct nervous system function. The last modality is were NCR® is highly effective.

The best way to view NCR®'s role is on a continuum from pain and dysfunction through to optimum health and wellness. Regardless of whether you initially seek NCR® therapy for healing from a specific injury or pain or to optimise your structure and function the physical, emotional and mental benefits of NCR® therapy are astonishingly profound. NCR® is really a groundbreaking approach to physical medicine and fills a void where other therapies have failed to deliver and really highlights how important structural health is to overall health and wellness. Sometimes a clean, organic diet, regular detoxification, positive thought and appropriate excercise are not enough to restore health. The body's structure must be optimised also and the only way to do that effectively is through NCR®.