NeuroCranial Restructuring® UK

frequently asked questions

can everyone benefit from NCR®?

Yes. Almost no one has a perfectly shaped skull and spine. This is becoming increasingly rare in modern industrialised societies where our foods are deficient in nutrients, our choice to eat soft foods that require less chewing, our air and water supplies being contaminated with toxins and various injuries, accidents and birth traumas. This means everyone could benefit from NCR® even if they don't currently have any pressing complaints.

How many treatments will i need?

It is difficult to say how many treatments an individual will require, this is because of 2 reasons:

1) Everybody has different reasons for seeking therapy. For some people this is the alleviation of a very specific complaint. For example sinus issues or an acute headache. These symptoms can routinely be removed significantly in just 1 series of 4 treatments. Other people have more complex issues such as severe scoliosis or head pressure stemming from a traumatic birth. These patients may have upward of 60 treatments without exhausting the potential for further improvement.

Other people approach NCR® with a view to optimising their bodily structure and function. This is a more open ended approach and treatment can last a lifetime.

Neither of these approaches to therapy is right or wrong. NCR® is essentially a cumulative treatment process that allows the patient to return whenever they feel the need and we can continue to build on previous treatment and move them closer to their optimum function.

2) People's bodies change at different rates. All human beings are unique, with their own individual genetic code and set of life events. It is impossible to predict how quickly or slowly a person will respond to therapy. People are like puzzles that have to solved, some are easy, some are extremely complex but with each NCR® treatment the trauma patterns within a person's structure slowly begin to unwind and the person moves closer to their optimum.

What is the average number of treatments?

Usually between 4 and 6 series of 4 consecutive days of treatment. These are usually spaced out between one and two months apart for optimum results.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies slightly depending on location. The cost has been deliberately chosen to make NCR® accessible to all. Please contact me for more specific information.

How long does each treatment take?

Approximately 1 hour.

Why do you do 4 consecutive days of treatment?

From experience the best results are achieved with clusters of treatment rather than single, isolated ones. This is analogous to rolling a heavy boulder down a hill. It is initially difficult to move but eventually gains momentum. This is like the skull, changes are initially subtle but over time become incremental and profound.

Patients can experience changes for up to a month after a series as their structure and connective tissues continue to unwind. Patients are advised to take it easy directly after an NCR® series and only engage in activities within their normal range.

Why do you take before and after photographs?

As treatment accumulates the position of the cranial bones, spine, face and posture changes. Photographs are just an easy way to document these changes so we can refer back and compare.

How long can I expect to keep getting benefits from NCR®?

NCR® is an incremental and cumulative process. Results are permanent and each series builds on the progress of the last. However most people are continually getting traumatised throughout their life in accidents, through work, dental treatment etc so additional periodic treatment is often advisable.

Also, nobody is perfect. NCR® is essentially an optimisation therapy. With the goal of moving you closer and closer to your ideal self.

There is a growing cadre of people who receive NCR® as part of a spiritual path. These people are often yogis, buddhists, meditators or people just interested in higher states of conciousness. As their skull shape improves and their brain function optimises they experience greater insights through their practice and move closer to their goal of spiritual enlightenment.

Does treatment hurt?

Everybody describes treatment differently. The most common description is like jumping into a pool and getting water up your nose. Not painful, just a little uncomfortable. The bodywork can be a little uncomfortable also, as the therapist works out muscular tension patterns. Most patients report that they find the external cranial work very relaxing. The inflation is usually experienced as a build up of pressure and a sudden release. This can be mildly uncomfortable but rarely painful. Thankfully it is over very quickly, around 2 seconds. The anticipation is usually worse than the actually event. It is very common for patients to exclaim "Is that it?" or "That wasn't as bad as I thought!"

Are there any side effects?

Almost all the negative side effects are short term. These commonly include a stuffy, runny nose, light nose bleeds, tingling in the teeth, an emotional release or flashback from a previous event, fatigue and lightheadedness. Sometimes patients can experience a worsening of their symptoms briefly. This is explained by the body going through a healing crisis as the structure reverts back to its ideal position. The positive effects are much more long lasting, as treatment accumulates patient's pain patterns disappear, they feel calmer, happy, more grounded, are more creative, have better cognitive function and memory,  experience improved eyesight, have fewer nasal difficulties, smoother TMJ function, less headaches and look more symmetrical and attractive.

Why does my nose run or bleed after treatment?

The nose runs for one of two reasons or sometimes both. After treatment the position of the facial bones that include the sinuses are changed. This causes the sinuses to drain their contents (mucous). This is often highly desireable for people that experience pain, congestion and stuffiness. The second reason is that the mucous membranes within the nose have become irritated by the balloon. This causes the eyes to water and watery mucous to develop and the patient to sneeze or blow their nose.

Nose bleeds are caused by the small capillaries or blood vessels in the nose bursting. This is very common during the first series, about 1 in 4 patients experience a slight nose bleed. This is because the skull and the meningies are very rigid and tight. As treatment accumulates the incidence of nose bleeds diminishes.

What If I bruise easily?

The enzyme bromelain from pineapples or the herb arnica montana in homeopathic form are good for bruising and healing.

Why do my teeth tingle after treatment?

The teeth are mounted in the bone of the jaw and are secured by a periodontal ligament. With NCR® treatment we are repositioning the bones of the head and unlocking tensions in the joints of the head. The roof of the mouth is also the base of the skull and has several sutures or joints. As these joints are released this can be experienced as a tingle, pulsation or ache in the teeth. This is usually a very temporary sensation.

Can I drive or eat directly after treatment?

It is usually advisable to wait 10 to 15 minutes before driving just to allow the nervous system to recalibrate to the changes in your structure. It is fine to eat after NCR®, it is sensible to eat lighly before a treatment otherwise the bodywork can be a little uncomfortable.

What are contraindications to having treatment?

Acute fracture to the nose, face or spine, severe osteoporosis, bleeding disorders such as haemophillia, suspected or confirmed aneurysm or brain tumors.

Will NCR® make me taller?

Possibly, yes. As treatment accumulates the spine moves into a more normal position. This means that any areas that were twisted or compressed will improve and you will become functionally taller as the spine is decompressed.

Why do my arches in my feet look different? Why has my shoe size changed?

The feet (and their arches) hold up your body. Your weight is distributed through both feet. As your structure improves with NCR® the distribution of your weight changes and your structure simplifies. As this happens the feet have to make fewer compensatory changes to balance your weight evenly. People who have very high or fallen aches often experience them normalising through continued NCR® and as a direct result they require different sized shoes.

How Does NCR® improve my endocrine system?

The master gland of the endocrine (hormonal) system is the pituitary gland. The pituitary is responsible for secreting a myriad of hormones that regulate our entire metabolism. Dysfunction of the pituitary can lead to thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders and a whole plethora of health problems. The pituitary gland is part of the brain and sits in a depression called the sella tursica in the body of the sphenoid bone. If the sphenoid is malpositioned the function of the pituitary gland will be compromised. By manipulating the sphenoid the position of the pituitary gland can be optimised allowing it to function correctly.

How old do you have to be to receive treatment? Is there an upper age limit?

You have to be born to receive treatment. Newborns often have treatment. It is an ideal therapy to ensure a child grows optimally as any birth traumas to the head are removed early on in their life. The bodywork and external cranial work for infants is often shorter and the proprioceptive testing is carried out with them lying on the table not standing using a slightly different technique. NCR® is very effective in the elderly, especially in preventing age related stooping which is caused my loss of teeth, incorrect position of the jaws and a compensation of the head posture to maintain an open airway, this causes severe abnormal spinal curvature. As the head postures forward relative to the neck the spine must compensate to remain stability. As the posture worsens there is less gravitational force being applied to the bones and they begin to weaken, this is simply because bone needs weight and force to be applied to it to consistently remodel itself. This contributes to the onset of osteoporosis. NCR® can reposition the head on the neck, improving the posture and therefore the gravitational forces applied to the bones, stimulating new bone growth.

What Happens when the balloons are inflated?

The endonasal balloons, about the size of a pinky finger, are inserted deflated through one of the six nasal passageways. As air is pumped into the balloon they begin to puff up exerting pressure against the nasal bones. The balloon then takes the path of least resistance and forces its way into the top of the throat. At this moment is engages with the central bone of the skull, the sphenoid and at that instant all the bony joints of the head are opened and the connective tissues are allowed to unwind. The structure of the head now shifts.

Why do you do bodywork first?

Quite simple because the results are greater than without it. NCR® works with the whole structure of the body not just the skull. The aim of treatment is to optimise the skull, skeleton, muscular and nervous systems. Through bodywork we can make simple changes to the entire structure but these are only temporary. In combination with a cranial manipulation the bodywork becomes permanent.

Why do you place my body in a special position using blocks, wedges and rollers prior to an inflation?

Through proprioceptive testing we can determine the stable and unstable joints in your body. We use blocks, wedges and rollers to stabilise the unstable joints and isolate the sphenoid bone from the rest of the skeletal structure. This means that the sphenoid bone moves easier and with less force required. This is both more comfortable for the patient and the therapist.

How does NCR® improve athletic performance?

Many athletes are striving to achieve physical perfection with imperfect bodies. For example a sprinter must pump both their arms back and forth in order to achieve maximum velocity. This can only occur efficiently if the shoulders are in their correct anatomical position. Or a golfer may try to achieve a full shoulder turn with very little hip rotation to maximise torque within their body, this can only happen if the spine functions optimally. The athletes structure can be improved through NCR® allowing them to achieve their maximum athletic potential.

Many athletes wear nasal breathing strips to enhance oxygen uptake, with NCR® nasal breathing becomes easier and the need to wear strips is eliminated.

Many endurance athletes never reach their full potential because they don't breathe correctly, their diaphragm is locked up and as a result their oxygen intake is inhibited. Through NCR® the musculoskeletal structures improve and the diaphragm is able to expand and contract freely. This allows much easier breathing mechanics and allows the athlete to run further, faster and for longer without fatigue.

Is there anything that can accelerate my progress?

Keeping up with normal daily activities. Introducing any form of movement that doesn't stress the body too much and is symmetrical, such as yoga, tai chi, walking and swimming. Getting plenty of quality sleep.

Is there anything that impedes progress? What should I avoid?

It is imperative that you avoid any potentially traumatic or stressful events. This includes extremes of emotion, fatigue and stress. Please avoid any activities with a high risk of injury because the body is in a fragile state immediately after NCR® and any benefits can be lost through an injury. Avoid any asymmetrical activities immediately after a series as this can stress the musculoskeletal system and hamper the unwinding process. Avoid trying to achieve personal bests after a series even if you feel like you can. Don't try to run further or faster even if you feel able or try to lift heavier weights. Try to avoid having any dental treatment immediately after NCR® because this can stress the skull and TMJ. Please don't book into see your regular osteopath, chiropractor or massage therapist immediately after an NCR® series. Their treatments don't take into account the stability of the body in relation to gravity like NCR® does and they can often destabilse a body with their localised treatments if it is still shifting and unwinding. Please wait around 3 weeks before resuming any of these activities.

Why haven't I heard of NCR® before?

There are numerous possible explanations for this. Firstly NCR® was only developed around 20 years ago, it is a relatively new therapy even though different cranial treatments have been around for a lot longer. It was developed in the USA and is not as widely available in Europe as it is there. Modern allopathic medicine focuses primarily on the biochemical aspects of disease and disregards the structural element. Therefore most conventionally trained physicians are unaware of the potential benefits to their patients that structural manipulation techniques can offer. NCR® was developed to treat the underlying cause of dysfunction not just suppress symptoms. From a business perspective healthy patients are not welcomed. Sick people make money for large pharmacuteical companies and doctors who prescribe drugs to suppress symptoms. NCR® routinely gets patients out of pain and functioning normally and they often no longer require expensive medications. This isn't good news for companies striving for profit, as a result therapies like NCR® are not advertised or promoted in conventional ways.