Adult orthotropics and NCR®

The best results are obviously achieved with children because they are still growing however there is still room for significant improvement in adults that didin't have orthotropics as a child or have had previous poor orthodontic work which included extractions. Many adults with crowded teeth often have less than ideal facial structure, with flat unappealing faces and weak chins. Because the maxilla or upper jaw is often too far back and down the patients airway is also compromised and they can suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring. This condition can have a deletrious impact on a person's health and can be fatal. The combination of orthotropics and NCR® is hugely exciting for both patients and practitioners. It represents a pardigm shift in dentistry away from a symptomatic, mechanical approach of simply jiggling teeth around to make them look straight to a more holistic approach which considers airway, head posture, breathing mechanics, general health and facial aesthetics. Orthotropics and NCR® are therapies that compliment each other. They are trying to achieve the same goal through different techniques. Optimum results are achieved when the two approaches are combined.

For more information please watch the YouTube video below with a lecture from Dr John Mew's son, Dr Mike Mew, also an orthotropist or visit the orthotropics websites:

The orthotropic approach is to assess children much younger, ideally between 4 and 6 to check their growth and oral posture. If treatment is needed it is started between 6 and 9. At this age the abhorrent growth can be corrected and the need for extraction orthodontics and surgery avoided. The orthotropic system involves various appliances called "Bioblocs" and correction of the poor oral posture. This is best remembered by the mantra "lips together, teeth together, tongue on the roof of your mouth".

Below is an example of the Biobloc appliances used:

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This incredible system renders conventional orthodontics and the damage it can cause obsolete. Orthotropics is the most cutting edge growth guidance system available and routinely produces the greatest facial changes in children and adults in the world.

Below are some examples of patients that have been through the orthotropic system. See how much their faces have improved and how straight their teeth are without the need for extractions, surgery or permanent retention. The goal of orthotropics is to develop beautiful faces and attractive smiles.

What is Orthotropics?

Most people are familiar with the term "orthodontics", few however have even heard of "orthotropics". "Ortho" in Greek means straight and "tropic" means growth, so orthotropics literally translates as straight growth. The growth referred to is the growth of the craniofacial complex including the jaws. Orthotropics and the "Tropic premise" was put forward by English orthodontist Dr John Mew. He is a traditionally trained orthodontist that challenged the conventional "4 on the floor" extraction/retraction approach that he was taught and proposed a new, more natural approach to the problem of overcrowding and malocclusion.

The conventional approach can't explain the cause of malocclusion and is therefore essentially treating a problem without understanding the cause by addressing the symptom of the problem not the root cause. The symptom being the crowding of the teeth and malocclusion, the root cause being the underdevelopment of the face and jaws. The traditional approach is to extract teeth and "fit" the remaining teeth into the undersized jaws often leaving the patient with a poor aestheic result and poor function. The orthotropic premise is to affect the abhorrent growth of the child at a much earlier age than conventional treatment would commence with the aim of achieving broad, wide smiles, prominent cheekbones, forward positioned maxillas, attractive faces and room for all 32 teeth!

According to Dr Mew the cause of all malocclusions is improper oral posture. If the tongue isn't resting against the roof of the mouth most of the time and especially when we swallow, the forces from the muscles in the cheeks will cause the teeth to crowd. If the tongue is thrust through the teeth during swallowing then an anterior open bite will occur.

Here is a 2 part YouTube video of Dr Mew explaining his theory: