NeuroCranial Restructuring® UK

NCR® Technique

An NCR® treatment involves a one hour session with a qualified therapist on four consecutive days, this is refered to as an "NCR® series". The treatment series starts with a full medical history being taken both orally and written to allow the therapist to build a complete picture of the patient's current state of health and determine an appropriate treatment plan. The therapist then has the patient lie face down, fully clothed on a massage table. This part of treatment involves two handed bodywork with them aim of temporarily improving structural symmetry and relaxing the patient's nervous system to move it into a more parasympathetic state. The autonomic nervous system has two branches, sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic branch is activated in a "fight" situation in response to stressors, the parasympathetic branch is stimulated when we "rest and digest". The patient's body responds better to structural changes when in a parasympathetic state. The bodywork is completed with the patient then lying face up on the table. The NCR® bodywork technique is a combination of deep tissue massage, myofasical release and energetic work, similar to accupressure. The therapist then begins the external cranial work. The patient's skull is analysed using prescise measurements to establish any distortion patterns. The therapist using only their hands attempts to roll or slide the skull bones into a more symmetrical alignment pattern. This technique is very similar to old school craniopathy which has been around for over 100 years. The patient is then asked to stand and the therapist assesses their whole body stabilty patterns in relation to gravity using proprioceptive testing. This technique challenges the bodies stabilty and how its nervous system responds to those challenges by gently pushing on several specific points and observing the body's response. Once the therapist has concluded testing and obtained an accurate picture of the patient's bodily stabilty or rather instabilty for that day they are then placed back on the massage table and using blocks, rollers and wedges positioned in a precise position to maximise the stability of the body for the final part of the treatment. This special body positioning technique is unique to NCR® and very specific to each patient and allows maximum change to occur in the patient's structure with minimal force. The final part of each days treatment involves precisely inserting a deflated endonasal balloon into the top of the throat through one of the six nasal passageways and briefly inflating it to move the central bone of the skull, the sphenoid. This part of the treatment realigns the cranial bones and unwinds tensions in the connective tissues throughout the whole body. It is very quick, painless and permanently makes incremental changes to the patient's structure moving them towards their optimum. The patient is then asked to stand again and the therapist checks that the treatment has been successful by retesting the body's stabilty patterns.

Here is a youtube link to Dr Howell ND carrying out a full NCR® treatment.