NeuroCranial Restructuring® UK

recommended reading

Unleash Your Structural Power by Dean Howell ND

Evolution of the Human Head by Dr Daniel Lieberman Phd

The Cranial - Sacral - Dental Complex by Gerald Smith DDS

Headaches are not forever by Gerald Smith DDS

The Cause and Cure of Malocclusion by Prof John Mew BDS

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price DDS

Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition by Francis Pottenger MD

How Anthropology Informs Orthodontic Diagnosis of Malocclusion's Causes by Dr Robert S Corruccini Phd

Why Raise Ugly Kids? How You Can Fulfil Your Child's Health and Happiness Potential by Hal Huggins DDS

It's all in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Hal Huggins DDS

Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagal

Root Canal Cover - up by George Meinig DDS

Toxic Dentistry Exposed by Graham and Lillian Munro Hall BDS

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understandingthe Nutrition of Fats by Dr Mary Enig Phd

Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Dr Mary Enig Phd

Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life by Nora Gegaudas

The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Building Your Immunity by Donna Gates