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" I have tried atlas profilax, osteopathic and chiropractic manipulations, massage therapy (neuromuscular as well as trigger point orientated) all with minor results. I consider myself an expert layman and patient after many years of trial and error. NCR® is the first treatment to not only align my body ( I now stand taller, straighter and more connected to my body) but to actually affect me on a deeper, personal level. NCR® is a process and I will continue to receive treatment for as long as it feels right. I came to Ian from Sweden to get treatment. That is how highly I regard him. Ian is not only a great and caring guy but unique in that he is a former patient himself. He knows how it feels to feel out of whack. He is living proof of the validity of this method. I highly recommend NCR® and I highly recommend Ian."

Andreas, Sweden

"I initially came across NCR® through the internet. After extensive research and careful consideration I decided to proceed with treatment. I had tried many other therapies unsuccessfully and felt delighted to have access to a certified NCR® practitioner close by who offered treatment at an affordable cost. I am a 31 year old female who was born with a hip dysplasia and as a result struggled to walk or stand and had to give up work. I underwent a full hip and pelvis reconstruction 8 months prior to NCR®. I was reliant on a stick to aid my walking. Within 3 series of NCR® I am able to walk completely unaided!

During my first series Ian diagnosed that my skull was locked up as a result of poor mechanical orthodontic work as a teenager. He explained that the connective tissues within the skull also attached to the pelvis. The twisting of the tissues resulted in a pelvic twist and leg length discrepancy. He was able to remove the tension patterns and improve my ability to walk after the surgery. Over therapies I had tried had given only temporary relief, NCR® is the only treatment I have had which offered a permanent solution. I had tried massage, yoga, chiropractic and osteopathic treatment previously. After my second series I was able to walk unaided and comfortably and even considered a return to work. Prior to this I had been very distressed and despondent about my situation. After the third series I began to notice less stiffness in my head and neck, less hip pain, better quality sleep and a fuller, more symmetrical face. I became optimistic about my future again.

The treatment itself involves soft tissue bodywork which Ian provides with both hands. The deep tissue work can be a little uncomfortable but Ian explained why and that it was necessary. The balloon inflation is a little uncomfortable, you experience a slight pressure but it is bareable and very quick. Ian is extremely compotent and efficient. I always sleep well after treatment and I did experience some mild detox reactions which Ian said were to be welcomed.

Ian is a very genuine, honest, down to earth and knowledgeable man. I feel very fortunate to have access to his skills so close to home and at an affordable price. NCR® in my opinion is a therapy well worth trying if you want great results."

Louise, Preston, UK

" I came to NCR® in search for answers to my chronic lower back pain that I have suffered with intermittently since my teens. It has prevented me at times from competing in the sports I love, training on my road bike and at the gym and severely restricted my ability to study effectively at university. I am in my mid twenties now. I had consulted with various other specialists, namely chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons. They all agreed with the diagnosis, compressed discs between L4 and L5 but none of them could explain why or solve the problem. I instinctively knew that my issue was cranial in origin and that it was a descending pain pattern. My face was underdeveloped, my jaws were small, my teeth crowded and I always felt "twisted". To me the solution was obvious, correct the primary cause of the problem, the cranial twisting and the secondary symptom, the back pain would be relieved. I had my first half dozen NCR® treatments with Dr Howell, the developer of NCR® in London and Dublin. He explained the cause of my problems and how NCR® fitted into the solution. He also explain that I would need to work with a functional orthodontist inconjunction with NCR® to achieve the best result. I found Dr Howell's approach the most sensible I had come across and felt the despair I had been feeling lift and a sense of optimism return. I continue to have treatment with Dr Howell but also with Ian. I find Ian to be an extremely caring and knowledgeable guy. He always listens to my concerns and endeavours to answer them honestly. If he doesn't know the answer he says so but will try to find out. I respect that. Having had NCR® with both Ian and Dr Howell I can categorically say that his technique both in the bodywork and endonasal inflations is excellent. I know he studies and works regularly with Dr Howell and it shows. He is extremely professional and compotent. My journey to a life free of pain will be slow but thanks to NCR®, Dr Howell and Ian there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am much more functional and in less pain than previously and have even returned to my studies at university with full vigour."

Martin, England

"I have been working with Dr Howell and Ian for 3 years, receiving 11 treatment series. My primary presenting problem and motivation for treatment was a rotated pelvis, resulting in repeated groin strains during sports, an emerging functional leg length discrepancy and a sense of collapsing posture. After receiving only temporary relief with more conventional treatments, including chiropractic and physiotherapy, I began researching my symptoms, looking for the root cause of my problems. Piecing together research and my own intuition I began realising the links between cranial asymmetry and pelvic imbalance. I was aware I had a birth trauma and a cranial side bend and had received asymmetric dental extractions as a teenager. The root cause of my problems as I saw it was a descending pattern of asymmetry stemming from my cranium and passing down into my neck, shoulders, spine and pelvis.

My treatment has been progressing well, building cumulatively series on series, releasing bit by bit the cranial tensions and allowing my skull to find a better balance. I intend to continue to receive treatment inconjunction with expansion orthodontics in order to achieve a lasting cranial balance. I already feel my posture shifting and improving and I hope to continue working with Ian on a monthly basis. I am thrilled that he has taken up the efforts of Dr Howell and will be able to offer regular clinics in the UK."

Oliver Smith, South Wales, UK